Bring your furry friends along

Meet Blue the resident dog at Dorothy. He is a three-year-old Black Labrador/Husky cross and is a rescue from Cyprus. His duties include being super cute, security detail, treat tax enforcer, guest liaison and weird sound bark notifications. He is a much-loved part of the team and welcomes all guests with a wag of the tail and a quick fuss.

We love dogs at Dorothy and guests are welcome to bring their furry friends to the site. There are plenty of sheep free walks in the surrounding area and further afield. There are lots of rabbits and deer so if your dog is a chaser bear that in mind.  There is a deer proof tent surrounding the whole site, so your pooches are quite safe. Please remember to pick up poop even if you are in the middle of nowhere as this can cause local wildlife and farm animal's immense harm. 

black dog running on forest path.jpg
black dog standing next to dorothy goes
black dog in a field.jpg